Layout of views

Views are an integral part of the dashboards that we call Favorite Display.

You can position them as you wish within the tool’s Main Window.

See Layout of views

Title bar and applied filters

The view title bar only contains the name of the view.

To see the applied filters and the displayed period, if necessary click on the view. This information is located at the bottom of the view.

Printing a view

You can print a view with all its characteristics.

See Printing a view

Synchronizing views

You can synchronize several views using these criteria:

  • filter,

  • date,

  • scale.

Each view is synchronized by configuring the characteristics for which it will depend on other views.

Specify synchronization of the “slave” view.

This synchronization must be configured on both views, in order for it work.


Define that a view A is synchronized on filters means:

If you modify the filters applied to the other visible view B, the filters will be applied to the first view A.

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