VISUAL PLANNING ONE is a standalone version. It does not run on a server.

The Windows user profile must have permission to install software on the workstation.

Execute the file vp6one.exe to launch the installation of VISUAL PLANNING ONE.

The window shown below opens:

Click Next to continue.

The following window displays the license contract.

Read the terms of use of the license carefully. If you refuse the terms of use, the installation procedure is interrupted.

Click Next to continue.

The window used to select the installation path opens.

It is preferable to use the installation path proposed by default, especially if you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or 7.

If you have to change the installation path, keep the folder name Visual Planning One 6.

Click Next to continue.

Click Next to continue.

  • Click Next to continue.

  • If the information in this window is not correct, click “Back” to change it.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

VISUAL PLANNING starts automatically in the license registration stage.

  • Click OK to continue in order to test the product. The application opens in test mode.
  • To confirm the acquisition of the product, click the Retail Version option.

Then click OK.

Enter the serial number of the VISUAL PLANNING ONE license in the Serial number field.

  • If the PC is connected to the internet, simply click OK.
  • If not, click Get a code by telephone… and contact the support department by telephone or at the e-mail address with:

    • the serial number;
    • and the installation code shown just under the serial number.

We will then send you an activation code.

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