Consulting a Planner

The Planner shows you all the events in a Schedule View.

Information about the events is displayed on the time bar.

More detailed information is displayed in the tooltip. The event’s start and end dates are also displayed by default in the tooltip.

The type of information displayed is determined by the configuration.

Several options are possible in a Planner.

Time Period

You can modify the viewed time period by clicking on the following button:

The Planner template can be organized:

  • by month,

  • by week,

  • by worked week,


These different time periods are displayed if they have been selected in the configuration process.

Browsing the calendar

You can browse the calendar using the arrows by clicking on the date.

Events filters

If events filters have been selected in the “Events filter” field during configuration, they will appear in a pull-down list enabling you to filter the events displayed in the planner.

Resources filters

If the "Choice of Dimensions" box was checked during configuration, events can be filtered by only displaying events from the resource selected in the pull-down list.


The events displayed can be filtered. Filtering can:

  • Filter the displayed events,

  • Filter on the displayed properties and identification headings;

  • Condition: Contains.


Headings and properties that are not visible in the schedule view are not taken into account for verification of the filter condition.

View by month

This view shows the schedule for a full month. Special days are shown in the color of the defined period type.

View by week

This view displays the schedule for all the days of a week.

View by worked week

This view displays the schedule for all the worked days of a week.


If workloads were selected during configuration, they will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Export to PDF

You can export the data displayed in the schedule view into PDF format. This creates a PDF file in a position the user chooses.

Editing an event

Clicking on an event opens the editing window. (See Input editors)

The data displayed for an event can be edited if the user has the required permissions.

For a given dimension, resources can be modified if the Dimension entity is displayed in the event.

There are 4 possible options:

  • Click on Duplicate to duplicate the event if the option has been enabled (see Authorize duplication);

  • Click on Validate to save the changes,

  • Click on Cancel to leave the event as it is.

  • Click on Delete to delete the event. The following screen appears:

Click on OK to delete or Cancel to cancel the deletion,

Creating an event


It will only be possible to create an event if at least one hierarchy was selected during configuration.

To create an event:

  • Click on the Add 'Hierarchy_name' button;

  • or Select the start and end date of the event to be created on the diary.

If several creation hierarchies are possible, choose one of them in the following window:

The resources for the obligatory dimensions of the selected hierarchy must be chosen on the following screen:

  • Choice of dimension(s)

Click on the Cancel button to cancel creation of the event.

Click on the Validate button to continue creating the event. Enter the event's properties on the next window:

  • Choice of the event’s headings and attributes which will be displayed when editing the event.


  • confirm creation of the event by pressing the Validate button,

  • or cancel it by pressing the Cancel button.

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