Consulting a resource list

The list of resources shows the resources in the form of a list.

Each resource is identified by the characteristics described during configuration.

When the resources list is displayed, more detailed information can be viewed for each resource by clicking on the button to the left of the row for each resource in Table mode or by clicking on the row in Details mode.

If a color has been defined for resources, the color will be displayed as the background to the Modify button for each resource.


The resources displayed can be filtered. Filtering can:

  • Filter the resources displayed,

  • Filter the headings displayed,

  • Condition: Contains.


Note that headings that are not visible in the template are not taken into account for verification of the filter condition.

Go forwards or back in the resources list

On the bar at the bottom of the view, the arrows to the left of the bar are used to move forwards or back page by page to display the previous or next list of resources.

Refresh the screen

On the bar at the bottom of the view, the button (arrow) in the bottom right corner refreshes the screen.

Tree mode

If a heading has been selected during configuration, the resources will be grouped according to this heading.

Export to PDF

You can export the data displayed in the list into PDF format. This creates a PDF file in a position the user chooses.


This functionality is only available in Table mode,

Editing a resource

Click on the button in Table mode or on the resource in Details mode to open the editing window.

The headings displayed can be edited if the user has the required permissions.

There are 3 possible options:

  • Click on Validate to save the changes,

  • Click on Cancel to leave the resource as it is.

  • Click on Delete to delete the resource. The following screen appears:

Click on OK to delete or Cancel to cancel the deletion,

Creating a resource

To create a resource, Click on the button for adding a resource.

The resource creation window chosen in the creation editor during configuration is displayed:


  • confirm creation of the resource by clicking on the Validate button,

  • or cancel it by pressing the Cancel button.

In the case of the "Attachment” heading

Display = File list

If the heading is displayed, pressing the link opens the file. The heading must be loaded on the server and be of type File list.

Display = Image album

If the heading is displayed, the image corresponding to the resource is displayed. The heading must be loaded on the server, have only one file and be of type Image album.

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