All of a planner’s users can create VPWhatsUP discussions and interact.

Creating a VPWhatsUP discussion

Click on the button located top right of the planner.

The following window appears:

In the window that is displayed, click on the button top right.

You can now define the characteristics of the discussion which consist of:


Give this new discussion a name.


Give the discussion a description. This data is optional.


This represents the creation date and time and the most recent change to the Discussion, together with the login of the user who performed these actions.

This property is updated automatically.


Select the planner users to be included in the discussion.

They will then be able to participate.


It is not possible to create several discussions with the same users.

Modifying a discussion

To modify a discussion, Click on the discussion > Click on the button to display the configuration window.

Modify the discussion parameters (see Creating a discussion) and click on the Validate button to validate the modifications.

Deleting a discussion

To delete a discussion, Click on the discussion > Click on the button to delete the discussion.


The discussion is deleted immediately. There is no warning window before deletion.

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