Creating a workflow

In the General Settings pane > Right-click on Workflows > Create a Workflow > Choose the dimension that will drive the workflow status changes.

The corresponding part then opens:


Give the workflow a name.


Give the workflow a description. The description is optional.


This indicates the creation date and time and the most recent change to the hourly calendar, together with the login of the user who made the change.

This property is updated automatically.


Check this box to enable the workflow.

Events filter

Here you define the events filter the workflow must apply to.


To configure the workflow:

  • Click on a resource in the left column (source resource),

  • Then click in the right column on the authorized destination resource(s).

Whenever a workflow is defined for a resource from the chosen dimension, the “(x)” symbol is displayed next to the name of the resource (where x is the number of resources selected on the right).

For resources that will not have any defined destination statuses, the workflows will forbid any change in status.


To select several destination resources, press the “Ctrl” key.

To unselect one or more destination resources, press the “Ctrl” key and click on the chosen resources.

Once all the statuses have been defined, click on the Validate button to validate creation of the workflow.

Duplication of a workflow

You can duplicate a workflow.

To do so, Right-click on the workflow to duplicate > Duplicate.

Modifying a workflow

To modify a workflow, Right-click on the workflow to modify > Make the modifications and Validate to save.

Deleting a workflow

To delete a workflow, right click on the workflow to delete > Delete

The following message appears:


  • Yes to delete,

  • No to cancel deletion.

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