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This function is for companies that use an LDAP directory server (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), containing in particular all the logins and passwords of computer application users.

By connecting VISUAL PLANNING to this directory, authentication of users logging into VISUAL PLANNING will be performed automatically from the directory.

Users will be imported into VISUAL PLANNING once the LDAP configuration has been completed.

However the passwords must not be created or modified in the ADMIN CENTER. They will simply be typed in by users logging into VISUAL PLANNING, and will be automatically authenticated (or rejected) by the directory.

To access it, click on admin-bouton-parametres button then Access settings > LDAP > Settings.


In this case define the following characteristics:


Choose from the list of types of protocol used: LDAP or Active Directory.



Specify the IP address or name of the machine hosting the LDAP server.

You can also specify the port and indicate whether or not the SSL protocol is to be used.


Root DN

Specify the username for logging in on the chosen Domain Name.



Specify the password for logging in on the chosen Domain Name.


Base DN

Designates the Domain Name from which VISUAL PLANNING will search for users. This domain is a sub-set in the hierarchy of possible users.



If the login is successful and the option is enabled, the password of any user logging into VISUAL PLANNING whose login is recognized in the LDAP directory will be identified by this same directory, without requiring any administrator intervention.

Importing users


Once the LDAP has been configured, start importing users.

The following screen appears:

  • Show only new users: to only show new users in the list;
  • Do not display the identifiers Mail : to display the username that will be used as the login;
  • Show only Mail login : on the contrary, users will log in using their e-mail usernames.
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