Administration of Visual Planning

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You can test network performance levels in the Admin Center.

This test is accessed by selecting Help bouton-aide button> About Visual Planning > Click on the button corresponding to the performance test.


The information used to control the infrastructure’s performance and that of the database is displayed in a new window with color indicators depending on the application acceptability level.




  • In green: the performance levels are acceptable
  • In orange: you must check if this is normal in the operating conditions
  • In red: this will potentially pose performance problems


It is possible to change the maximum memory of the Visual Planning process on the rich client stations by going to the file.

If necessary, contact the STILOG I.S.T. Customer Service:

Mail :

Tel: +33 1 47 29 29 66 (Europe)



  • On rich client VPDeskLaunch, the user is never logged out because a request is sent to the server every minute. If the connection to the server is interrupted, the user is then disconnected..
  • On VPPORTAL, if the refresh time is equal to “0” (no custom refresh time defined), the user is logged out after 30 min.
  • On VPGO, the session always remains active as long as the VPGO application is open because a request is always sent to the server. If the application is not open, the disconnection is done after 30mn.
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