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A User Group contains all the users that have the same access rights to a specific schedule.

It is identified by:

  • Its name;
  • An optional description;
  • and a list of users.

To be used, the groups must be assigned to a planner.

Admin Center enables you to create, modify and delete groups, assign users to them and associate them with planners.

Group management actors


Group management is available to central and local administrators.

When a local administrator opens ADMIN CENTER and clicks on the “Groups” button, they see the list of groups assigned to the planner(s) they administer.

They can create new groups, assign users to them and assign them to one or more planners that they administer.

Group characteristics


Groups are visible directly in the Admin Center window.


By right-clicking on a group you can:


  • Modify the group’s characteristics (see Changing a group);
  • Add a group (see Creating a group);
  • Delete a group (see Deleting a group).

Creating a group


To create a group, right-click in the window dedicated to Groups > Add a group or click on bouton-trois-points then Add a group, or click on the bouton-plus button.


Indicate the group’s characteristics, then:


  • OK to validate the creation,
  • Cancel to cancel it,
  • Apply to validate the creation and subsequently create a new group. This button is available when creating a new group.



Give the group a name.



Give the group a description. This data is optional.


Active users

When activated, this button makes it possible to only display active users in the list.



Select users in the left-hand panel and move them to the right-hand window using the arrows to assign them to the group.

Changing a group


To modify a group, right-click on the group name > Modify. You can also double-click on the group to open the group’s window.

Make the appropriate modifications and OK to save the modifications.

Deleting a group


To delete a group, right-click on the group name > Delete.

A window is displayed asking if you want to validate deletion or not.


It is not possible to cancel deletion of a group.

Send an e-mail

Use this option to send an e-mail from the Admin Center to all the group’s users. The mailer window opens, and the recipients are the group’s users.



This option is only available if the SMTP server has been configured properly.

Filter this group’s users

This option enables you to filter the list of users so that only those assigned to this group are displayed in the panel of users.



This option enables you to search from within the list of all groups.

View all


This option enables you to display all groups.

This is useful if groups have been filtered previously, e.g. after a search.

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