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This functionality only operates in the VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version from the Admin Center.

At present the available modules are:


  • Send Mail (standard),
  • Send SMS (standard),
  • RSS Feed (standard),
  • Geolocation (standard),
  • Mail Merge (standard),
  • Web Calendar Publication (additional),
  • VPGO (additional),
  • VPPORTAL (additional),
  • VPWhatsUp (standard),
  • VPBlueprint (standard),



Viewing the modules

The planner’s modules are accessed in the Admin Center.


Installing a module


The Send Mail, Send SMS, RSS Feed, Geolocation, Mail Merge, VPWhatsUp, VPBlueprint and APIDesigner modules are standard modules in the VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE application. They do not require specific installation.

To install an additional module, you simply need to register its license.

To do so, right-click on the module > Register license.


  • For VPPORTAL and VPGO, it is possible to register a Floating or Named license;
  • For ICAL, it is only possible to register a named license.

The following window opens:


Enter the serial number.

You must then activate the license:

  • either via the Internet,
  • or by typing in the number that VISUAL PLANNING technical support gave you by telephone.

Then click on the OK button.


You can see whether a module is installed or not by checking whether or not it is grayed in the list of modules.

Defining a module’s administrators


A module may require specific settings.

These settings can only be configured by the module’s administrators.

To define which user(s) is/are a module’s administrator(s) go to the relevant module > right-click > Modify.

The following window opens:


Click on the bouton-crayon button in the Administrators field. Choose the module’s administrators from the listed users.

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