Administration of Visual Planning

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Permission management: ADMINISTRATION


Viewing planner permissions


To access planner permissions, right-click on the relevant planner > Edit permissions.


The permission editing window then opens:


In this window, you can easily view the permissions by clicking on them.

In addition, it is possible to quickly view the permissions of a single group by selecting it in the list of groups.



If you select the group in this list, you will only view the permissions of the group.


Assigning a user group to a planner


The central and local administrators designated when protection is initialized can log into the Admin Center and define the user groups that have identical rights for this planner.

See Group management

Once the group is created, it must be assigned to the relevant planner:

  • by dragging-dropping it onto the planner concerned,
  • by right-clicking on the planner > Modify > Users/Groups permitted tab > Drag the groups from left to right.

The following window opens:


This window enables you to initialize the permissions attributed to this new group:

  • If the “AdministratorPermissions box is checked, this group will inherit all the administrator rights for the planner, except for the modules,
  • If the “SchedulerPermissions box is checked, this group will inherit all the rights for editing planner data, but not the rights for the planner structure,
  • If the “Read-onlyPermissions box is checked, this group will not inherit any right apart from data viewing,
  • If the Permissions box of “an existing group” is checked, this group will inherit the same permissions as the group selected in the pull-down list beneath this box,
  • If the new group’s permissions do not match the 4 possibilities, click the Cancel button. It will then not have any pre-set permissions.


Creating a permission


To create a permission, in the permission editing window, choose the VISUAL PLANNING entity for which you want to create the permission:


You can also select the group that will possess the permission, using the list:


Once the entity has been selected, you can add a permission by clicking on the add button button.

Depending on the selected entity, you can create different types of permission:

  • Management Permission,
  • Visualization Permission,
  • Creation Permission,
  • Modification Permission,
  • Deletion Permission,
  • ‘Read only’ Permission.

The right-hand part of the window then opens. Indicate the permission’s characteristics:

  • according to its type,
  • according to the entity.

Modifying a permission


To modify a permission, click on the relevant permission and modify the characteristics as you wish.

See Creating a permission


Duplicating a permission


To duplicate a permission on the planner, use the permission editing window.

Right-click on the permission to duplicate > Duplicate.


The permission is then duplicated for all groups using this permission.


Deleting a permission


To delete a permission on the planner, use the permission editing window.

Right-click on the permission to delete > Delete.


The permission is then deleted for all groups using this permission.


You cannot cancel deletion of a permission.

Enabling permissions


All the permissions can be enabled or disabled in the planner settings.

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