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Types of permissions: permissions on VPPORTAL models


These permissions are the same as those for VPGO models

Only visualization permissions can be defined for VPPORTAL models



Give this permission a name. If you type in a name, it replaces the permission’s default name and is visible in the tree on the left.



Give an optional description of this permission. This description will be visible in the permission’s tooltip (useful especially when there are several permissions with the same type).



This indicates the creation date and time and the most recent change to the template, together with the login of the user who made the change.

This property is updated automatically.


Apply to data

Define a visibility criterion for models

  • If the chosen criterion is is included in, you must select the list of models

  • If the chosen criterion is contains, doesn’t contain, begins with, doesn’t begin with, ends with or doesn’t end with, you must define the value in the field provided for this purpose.


It is possible to use the global user variables $GROUPNAME and $USERNAME in the dynamic criteria of VISUAL PLANNING


Define the models this permission makes visible.



Define groups that have this permission in the Groups tab.

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