The “achievement” serves to define the progress of an event.

An event’s achievement can be:

  • Automatic, based on the current date and time. In this case we assume that events automatically take place on the scheduled dates,

  • Manual, i.e. defined by the user. In this case, actions undertaken by the user to define the event’s progress.

Accordingly, as is the case, different states of progress are possible:


  • Planned: The event is planned to take place. It is scheduled for the future,

  • Urgent: The event is late. This state is only used for a manual achievement,

  • Ongoing: The event has started and is progressing normally. For a manual achievement, the event can even be in advance,

  • Achieved: The event has taken place, it is finished.



The achievement process may require configuration, defined using the creation rules.




The achievement of an event is shown on the time bar in the Schedule, Diary or Gantt Events view.or in the Gantt Events view.

The time bar can show a progress bar.


It is possible to choose the color and positioning of the progress bar (top, center, bottom).

In addition, the color of the urgency status (manual achievement only) may be shown as the color of the progress bar or that of the border of the event.

The configuration of this display is part of the configurations for the view display.


Direct modification from within the view


In a Schedule or Diary view, you can adjust the mode (manual or automatic) as well as the progress percentage by right-clicking on an event > More tools > Achievement.


Modification by editing events


Right-click on an event > Modify to display the event editing window.


The achievement pane has three parameters:


  • The Automatic button, used to automate the completion of an event,

  • A progress bar, determining the percentage of completion. It runs from 0% to 100%,

  • The events status, which cannot be modified, is dependent on several factors.

Automatic achievement

For automatic achievement, the modifications to completion rates do not require user intervention.


Achievement percentage

Event status


Equal to 0%


Between 0% (excluded) and 100%


Equal to 100%



You can change from automatic to manual mode by disabling the Automatic achievement button.


Manual achievement

For a manual achievement mode , the modifications to completion rates require user interventions.


Achievement percentage

Event start date

Event status


Equal to 0 %

after the current date value (in the future)


Equal to 0 %

after the current date value (in the future)


Between 0% (inclusive) and 100%

Lower than the current date value (in the past)


Equal to 100%



You can change from manual to automatic mode by enabling the Automatic achievement button.

Use by other functionalities

This achievement value may be used by other functionalities:

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