Compressing events


Compaction allows the user to position a selection of events one behind another, without a free space between them, or with a fixed time between events.

The pivot event is that on which the right click is applied.

The compaction order is based on the start date then, if these are the same, the creation date.



Select the events to be compacted.

compressing events 1

Then, Right-click on the events > Compact events taking care to choose the pivot event (by right-clicking on it).

compressiong events 2

The following screen appears:

compaction parameters

Select the time interval to be inserted between each event, then click on OK.

You can also create links between compacted events. The links created will be Start-End links.

The events are then compacted in this order: by start date then, if these are the same, by creation date.

compaction 3

During multiple uses of the functionality, the last parameters chosen are preserved by default.

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