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The Go To function is used to position yourself on a resource, based upon the value of a heading.

The following can be distinguished:

  • the positioning of the view, for a resource,

  • the positioning of the planning at the start or end date of an event.

This function is possible in the following views:




Go to a resource

This is only possible for persistent headings.

This functionality is accessible by:

  • Right click on a heading > Go to
  • Right click on the view header > Go to

The following window appears:

go to

You must then select the various characteristics for the request, then click OK to start the function.


This list shows all the headings for the dimension onto which the positioning can be carried out.



Select a condition from the list of possibilities, depending on the type of heading:

  • equal to,

  • not equal to,

  • contains,

  • doesn’t contain,

  • starts with,

  • doesn’t start with,

  • ends with,

  • doesn’t end with,

  • greater than,

  • less than,

  • greater than or equal to,

  • less than or equal to,

  • is included in,

  • is not included in.


Enter the value for the search from the same type of heading.

Go to an event

This functionality is used to position the visible schedule views at the start or end date of a given event.

It can be used:

  • on an Events View,

  • or in the Events tab of a resource’s properties window.

It can be accessed by right-clicking on an event > More tools > Go to > Start date or End date.

go to 2

The window closes and the schedule is reset to the start date or end date of the event.

Go to the first or the last event


This functionality allows you to move the visible views at the start date of the first or last event of one or more given resources.

To do this, select the resource(s) > Right click > More tools > Go to > First event or Last event.


go to 3

The window then closes and the schedule moves to the start date of the first or last event of the selected resource(s).

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