Pop-up menu for the header of the view


This menu can be seen by right-clicking on the header of the view.

contextual menu events maps
  • Existing resource filters for the corresponding dimension: See Resource filter,
  • Events filters: See Events filter,
  • Choice of period: See Time period,
  • Display settings: modify the display settings for the view.

Pop-up menu for events


This menu can be seen by right-clicking on an event.

contextual menu events maps
  • Modify: The modification may be made using the editor (default) or a pre-configured resource editor,
  • Add an event: Add a new event,
  • Duplicate: Duplicate an event,
  • Deletion: Delete the selected event(s),
  • Assign a resource from one dimension to an event,
  • More tools:
    • Shift: Shift an event: See Shifting,
    • Divide: used to divide an event into 2. The duration of each event will depend on where the mouse is positioned,
    • Repeat: used to repeat an event: See Repeating an event,
    • Automatic achievement and achievement: used to modify the achievement measurement of to modify the completion percentage for the event,
    • Go to: Position the line over a given resource (See Go to),
    • Compact: used to compact events: c.f. Compacting events
    • Geolocation: See the GPS position, the journey from one GPS position to another, calculate the location of a resource: See Geolocation.
    • Compact: used to minimize the gaps between event end and start dates: see Geolocation.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste: used to copy/cut and/or paste an event,
  • Select events ‘hierarchy’: it is possible to select events of the same level, or child event, if they exist in vertical hierarchies.
  • Filter the selection: used to filter the view using the selected events
  • Print: See Print,
  • Exchange/Distribute:
    • Export Events: Use to trigger an event export context,
    • Import events: Used to trigger an event import context,
    • Mail merge: used to automatically merge the event using a created context: See Merge,
    • Send mail: Send a mail using the created context,
    • Send sms: used to send a SMS text using a context created: See Send SMS.

Context-sensitive menus of the events zone


This menu can be displayed by right-clicking on a zone free of events in the right hand side of the events map view.

contextual menu events map

Add an event: Add a new event by selecting an existing hierarchy.

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