Pop-up menu for the header of the view


This menu can be found by right-clicking on the header of the heading or dimension.

Contextual menu resources 1
  • Search: Search for a resource using the value of one of its headings,
  • Go to: Position the line over a given resource (See Go to),
  • Add: Add a new resource,
  • Existing resource filters for the corresponding dimension: See Resource filter,
  • Search free periods: See Free period,
  • Print: See Print,
  • Columns:
    • Align: Align the values of the heading,
    • Fit width: Change the width of the heading or all headings, This option is only available in Table mode,
    • Sort: Sort headings using a specific heading,
    • Mode: achange the mode between Tree or List,
    • Enter a common value: activated if the heading has been clicked, allows the same value to be entered in the selected item for all resources
  • Display settings: modify the display settings for the view.

Pop-up menu for resources


This menu can be seen by right-clicking on a resource.

contextual menu resources
  • Modify: The modification may be made using the editor (default) or a pre-configured resource editor,
  • Add: Add a new resource,
  • Duplicate: Duplicate a resource,
  • Deletion: Delete the selected resource(s),
  • More tools:
    • Modify the value: in a tabular resource view, used to modify the value of the heading of any selected resources,
    • Changing calendar: used to display an hourly or daily calendar,
    • Fill free periods: for a given free period, it is possible to fill any free periods not containing events. To do this, the following screen is displayed:
fill free period
  1. The time period into which the events are to be fitted,
  2. The events filters to be applied,
  3. The hierarchy to be used in the creation of the events,
  4. If the insertion of events is to be done Per free period or Per unit in the free period.
  • Add a new comment: allows you to enter a free message that can be found in the Comment tab in the resource’s editing window,
  • Geolocation: See the GPS position, the journey from one GPS position to another, calculate the location of a resource: See Geolocation.
  • Filter the selection: Used to filter the view of the selected resources,
  • Filter events: Used to filter the events for the selected resources,
  • Print: See Print,
  • Exchange:
    1. Export resources: used to launch a resource export context,
    2. Import resources: used to launch a resource export context,
    3. Send: used to send an e-mail or PDF schedule of the resource,
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