This deals with refreshing VISUAL PLANNING data to take into account any modifications made by other users.

This refresh function only works with the ENTERPRISE version.

This only effects the data. This does not effect:

  • display parameters, favorite displays, views, etc.

  • structural elements: dimensions, headings, forms, etc.



In VISUAL PLANNING, the modifications to data are saved in real time to the database.

There is therefore no need to save modifications.

Modifications to an event or a resource are saved to the database as the modification is validated.

A user who applies a modification sees this modification directly.

However, they do not see modifications made by other users. This is the purpose of the data refresh function.

This refresh operation may be either manual and / or automatic.


Manual refresh

The quick access bar contains the vp7_fr_bouton_rafraichir button.

This button is used to refresh the display according to the various modifications made by other users.

Another method used to refresh the display is by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard.


Automatic refresh

It is possible for a user to choose the frequency of the updates on his workstation by clicking on the arrow to the right of the button.

This delay is initially set to 15 minutes.

For a configuration with multiple users, it is recommended not to select too short a delay to prevent saturating the server.


Common update delay

It is possible to define a common refresh delay to be applied to all users of the same server.

This parameter is accessible via the general settings in the Admin Center.

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