Resources filter: use


Triggering a filter


A filter is triggered by via the menu bar at the top of the screen.

The results of an applied filter can be seen directly in the view being used.


Create a resource filter based on a search


After performing one or more successive resource searches, use the “Apply” button (without having closed the Search window), to enable the “Create a filter” button.

Now click on this button to create a new resource filter that combines the previous searches performed in the same search session. To do so, click on Create a filter. The following window appears.

resource filter name a filter

Click on Yes to display the filter editing window.

resource filter name a filter display

Rename the filter and click on OK to save it.


Use by other functionalities


The resource filters can be used by:

  • Other resource filters of the same dimension,

  • Events filter,

  • Control total heading,

  • Events values type heading,

  • Workload,

  • Events Report.


Use in the planner


It is possible to display a list of all the functionnalities in which the selected filter is used.

To do so, go to the Global Settings then right-click on the filter > Used in :

resource filter used in

The following window appears and show where the filter is used in the planner:

resource filter used in display

It is then possible to directly modify the functionnality from this window.

If the filter is not used in any function, this message appears:

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