The sorting of data is a method for organizing elements in a resource or events table.

Other sorting operations may be applied during the configuration, mainly affecting the order of the values in a single-choice a multiple-choice drop-down list.



Data sorting in table mode


This function concerns:

The sorting is alphabetical for text and in increasing order for numerical data.

For a single choice list, the sort order is based on the order of the defined values. (See Sorting elements in a list)

In this case, the sorting of the table can be seen using the small symbol: vp7_fr_bouton_tri_alpha which represents a sort on the heading with this symbol.

This type of sort is carried out on the heading with the symbol, then, if there are two identical items, based on the heading to the right, and so on.

You can therefore apply a sort on all persistent headings visible in the table, as well as on the calendars and creation rules.

It should be noted that the order of headings is very important to the sort results.

The reverse symbol vp7_en_bouton_tri_non_alpha signifies a reverse-order alphabetical sort for text, and by decreasing number for a numerical sort.

To sort, either:

  • Right click on a column heading > Column > Sort,
  • Double-click on the right hand side of the column heading.


Data sorting in detail mode

This function concerns :

Right click on the view > Pop-up menu > Column > Sort

The sorting is done according to the selected heading.

By clicking on the same heading in the pop-up menu, the sorting order is reversed.

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