Undo / Redo

When using VISUAL PLANNING, the user creating the schedule can undo any modifications made:

  • Modification to resources,

  • Modification to events,

  • Modification to links,

  • or, Modification to calendars.

All modifications in a session can be undone if no structural change (outside the calendar) has been made.


This function is available as long as it has not been deactivated in the Admin Center.



This function is accessed via the following buttons in the quick access menu bar:vp7_fr_bouton_annuler_retablir


Click on the vp7_fr_bouton_annuler arrow to undo the last modification.

The list of modifications that can be undone is accessible by right clicking on the arrow:

undo redo

You can then choose the number of undo operations to apply.



You can restore the undone operation using the Restore function.

Click on the vp7_fr_bouton_retablir arrow to restore the last undone operation.

The list of undone operations that can be restored is accessible by right-clicking on the arrow:

undo redo 1

You can then select the number of operations to restore.

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