Getting started



To start VISUAL PLANNING, open the Intranet/Internet browser.

Then type in the address, which has the following structure: http://servername/vplanning/

On the page displayed, click on the button corresponding to VPDesk or your VISUAL PLANNING schedule.

visual planning portal

The login window opens:

visual planning login

To login, enter:

  • Your Username,
  • Your Password.

Then click OK.


  • The icon or the initials of the last user who logged in are shown in the login window.
  • The background image changes after each login.

Open an existing schedule


To open a schedule, click on Schedule > Open.

A window will open, listing the existing schedules:

open existing planner

The window will only show the schedules which you are authorized to open.

Select the schedule required and click OK.

You can type the first name of the schedule required for faster navigation to the schedule in question.

Open a recent schedule


You can rapidly open one of the five most recently used schedules.

To do so, in the Schedule menu > click on the arrow at the bottom of the Open icon > Select the appropriate schedule.

open a planner

The schedule will then open.

Creating a new planner


You can create a new planner via the Planner menu > Add a planner. You must be logged in as the Aministrator or be in the Admin Center to be able to create a new schedule.

The following window opens, containing a list of the planner templates:

add a planner

Select the template to use as a basis for the schedule, then click OK.

The following window appears:

add a planner name

Now specify:

  • The planner’s Name,
  • Its Description,

Now validate by clicking OK.

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