Multi-user management

VISUAL PLANNING allows distribution across a department or the whole enterprise.

It also makes it possible to inform the various departments and those involved of the state of progress of works underway.

In this configuration, it is possible to control user rights in terms of the ability to access or modify, using an extremely fine mesh. This configuration also gives the option of using modules and floating licenses.


Schedules may be consulted and updated by multiple users, simultaneously. Each user can see the modifications made by other users.

Although the database itself is constantly updated (all information created or modified is immediately written to the database), a periodic update is applied to user workstation (the period for each update can be adjusted by the user).

With scheduling updates of this type, each individual user can confidently consult or modify the schedule.

For correct, collective functionality in real time, each action under VISUAL PLANNING is immediately logged in the database. There is no manual back-up or save function.

If a crash occurs, or a lone interruption or current disconnect, no operations already completed can be lost.


The Admin Center can define, for each user or group of users, access rights to be configured for the various schedules, with, for each schedule, the various data functions included.

One can, for example, lock-out certain users from configuration functions and restrict their interventions to the resources and projects for which they are responsible.

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