Resources export




The export of resources is used to export a set of resources from a single dimension in a schedule to an external destination outside VISUAL PLANNING.

A resources export can be used:

  • to create a schedule that will use the same resources;
  • to reprocess data from VISUAL PLANNING in another solution by exporting the data in a format acceptable to this other solution.

Resources are exported to a unique destination, which can be:


  • A CSV file format,
  • A worksheet (or a tab) in an Excel file,
  • An XML document format,
  • A database table in one of the following formats:
    • MSAccess,
    • MySQL,
    • Oracle,
    • SQL Server,
    • PostgreSQL,
    • MariaDB.



Technical prerequisites

The technical prerequisites vary depending on the technology used by the destination.

The principal is that the destination exists and VISUAL PLANNING can access it properly.

Other pre-requisites may appear depending on the trigger used to start the export.


Functional pre-requisites

This functionality has no indispensable pre-requisites.

However, for correct use, it is recommended that:

  • A heading is created, named VPEXPORT, of the following format:

    • Boolean,

    • Text,

    • or Multi-line text.

This heading is used to store the last export date and time, the login and the name of the context used for the export, excluding the Boolean function, which is ticked once the export has been completed.

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