Resources export: use



After configuring the context, you must run it.

There are a number of types of trigger:

  • Manual export,

  • Export by service,

  • Automatic export,

  • Export by URL,

  • Import/Export chain,

  • Import of an export or Export of an import.

Resource markings


In the case where the context uses the process marking, certain data is stored in the exported event in a heading named VPEXPORT, if it exists. (See functional pre-requisites above).

Export to multiple imports


It is possible to define, in the path of a resource export context, multiple imports. This means you can load populate imports via a single export.

To do this, you must define, in the export path, the imports that this export is to populate, separated by a semi-colon.

For example, when exporting Personnel, you must specify the names of the different import context that can trigger the export: "EXPORT=Import contracts;import worksites". In this case, if the export is triggered, the imports are, in turn, triggered in the order declared.

Exporting resource icons and colors


You can export the icons and colors of resources.


Exporting the color

You can export the color of a resource as its RGB code.

The format will be #RRGGBB where RR, GG and BB are the hexadecimal values of each component.

For example: #cc11dd

Exporting the icon

You can export the icon of a resource in Base64 image format.

For example:


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