Installing and updating VP ENTERPRISE

This document describes the minimum configurations required to install and use VISUAL PLANNING.

VISUAL PLANNING is a Java application that works in standalone or network modes and uses a database.

There are several versions of the software available:

  • VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE for use by multiple users on an Internet or Intranet network,
  • The VPPORTAL module for thin full web or smartphone clients,
  • The VPGO module for thin full smartphone clients.




This version of VISUAL PLANNING is for client / server networks. It requires a server machine and client workstations.

The Workstations


  • CPU: 2GHz Intel / AMD processor
  • RAM: 4GB (Windows 10),  4GB (MacOS leopard or higher)
  • Hard drive: 500MB of free disk space

The Server

The server machine configuration shown below is for reference only. It must be adapted to the type of use and the planned number of simultaneous users.

Please contact VISUAL PLANNING support for more information:

  • Hardware
    • CPU: 2GHz Intel / AMD processor
    • OS: 2012, 2016, 2019 64-bit Windows, LINUX, Unix
    • Hard drive: 500MB of free disk space
  • Software
    • Data base systems : MySQL 5.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2019 (essential, enterprise and express), Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12g, MariaDB 10.2, PostGreSQL 9.3.
    • Application server J2EE necessary for all installations on a non-Windows server or one that does not use the package VPServer : Tomcat 8.x et 9.x, JONAS, JBoss, WebSphere, Weblogic.

The Network

All points of access to the Internet can access VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

The bandwidth required for comfortable use depends on the number of users working on the same connection simultaneously, the way the schedules are used (frequency, etc.), the volumes of data, etc.

The minimum bandwidth required per user is 256kbit/s.

Maximum latency of 100ms.

ADSL access to the schedules is recommended.



The VPPORTAL module has been approved for VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

It requires a PC terminal (PC, Apple Mac, Tablet, etc.) or mobile terminal (GSM phone, PDA, Netbook, etc.) connected to the Internet with an HTML 5-compatible browser.

VPPORTAL has been tested and validated on the following browsers:

  • PC: Edge, Chrome, Mozilla – latest versions,


VPPORTAL does not work with Internet Explorer.

  • Tablet: IOS or Android.

This module requires a VISUAL PLANNING installation with external access (public IP).



The VPGO module is an add-on that requires the installation of VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

It requires a smartphone or tablet type terminal (Google Android, Apple iOS).

Android v7 or iOS 8.0 or higher must be installed on the terminal.

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