Minor updates and uninstalling VP ENTERPRISE


This document describes the procedure for minor updates or Builds of VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE.

This document does not cover major updates. To proceed with a major update, go to:

Builds are optional and are only available if maintenance is up to date.

To update VISUAL PLANNING, the initial installation must have already been completed.



  • VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version 7 is installed (for earlier versions: contact@stilog.com)

  • The software is open on any workstation.


To download the update, open a web browser, go to the SUPPORT tab and then go to the VISUAL PLANNING updates page.


Enter the serial number. This number is also provided on delivery of VISUAL PLANNING.

Download the file. The format of the file must be ip_200124.vpu.

Copy the file over to the Update directory on the server to be updated.

Example: C:/stilog/VP Enterprise 7/update


To install the update, stop the vpserver7 service using the server’s service manager.


Check that the .VPU file is in the Update directory of the server to be updated.

Example: C:/stilog/VP Enterprise 7/update

Then, simply restart the vpserver7 service using the service manager on your server.

Uninstalling VP ENTERPRISE

To uninstall VISUAL PLANNING ENTERPRISE version, go to Start > All programs > VPServer Enterprise 7.

Click on Uninstall Visual Planning Enterprise to open the uninstall window.

The following window appears:


Click Next to continue.

The following window displays the uninstall code. Keep this code in a safe place.


Send the uninstall code to our technical support department: sav@stilog.com

Click Next to continue.


Click Finish to complete the uninstall procedure.

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