Color map


The color map is a tool enabling you to select a color in VISUAL PLANNING.



There are several ways to access the color map in VISUAL PLANNING.

For example, in the resource property window a color is viewed as shown below:


The assigned color is modified by clicking on it.

There are then several ways to choose the color.


Quick map


You can click on a resource’s color to display a default map and easily choose one of the suggested colors.

If you don’t like any of the colors, you can click on Choose a color… to display other maps: Color wheel or Color map.


Color wheel


Color map




Use the color map to define the colors of the following items:

  • resource color,
  • highlighting color,
  • event background color,
  • event border color (outline):

    • selecting a dimension,
    • urgent,
    • achieved.
  • progress bar color:

    • urgent,
    • achieved.
  • icon pixel color.
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