Layout of views

The layout of the views determines how all the data in the favorite display is organized and arranged.

The views can be placed:

  • Left of the display,
  • Right of the display,
  • At the bottom of the display,
  • In the middle of the display,
  • In the form of tabs, superimposed in the favorite display.

You can “pin” views using the “drawing pin”.



Shifting a view

  • Click on the view title bar,
  • Drag the mouse pointer into the display. A grayed zone gives a preview of the view’s position. The size adapts automatically,
  • Release the mouse button.


Superimposing views

  • Drag the view to the middle of another view. A grayed zone gives a preview of the view’s position with a tab,
  • Release the mouse button,
  • The size adapts automatically.


Pinning a view


This action is available for certain views.

Click on the pin-button button to hide the display view, but without closing it.

It is still present, minimized either at the bottom of the display, or to the right depending on the view’s initial position.

This enables you to later display the view again by moving the mouse over the minimized view.

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