Main Window


VISUAL PLANNING’s Main Window allows the user to access all of the functions provided by the tool, based on user access rights.

It looks like this:




Quick Access Bar

The quick access bar is located at the top of the screen to the left.

It provides access to different common functions of appearance and use.


Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is visible in the Main Window.

It is horizontal and comprises sub-menus containing blocks.

Visibility of the blocks depends on the previously selected element and the user rights. These blocks disappear or are grayed when the user is no longer allowed to use them. The block elements are grayed when they do not correspond to the current type of use (see Menu bar).


The windows that can be moved and manipulated in the planner are as follows:

  1. Configurable views of the resources and events in several forms,
  2. The Global Settings management window.

The layout of these windows can be configured to a considerable degree. (See Layout of views)

There are other windows in the tool but they are only visible following a user action:

  • information, warning and restriction messages,
  • windows showing properties of events, resources and links,
  • tooltips.

Status bar

This bar at the bottom of the window indicates:

  • the name of the selected view and the filters applied to the view,
  • the name of the started favorite display,
  • the name of the user group or groups,
  • the number of users logged into the planner as well as their logins,
  • the current date and time.


This is the name of the selected view as well as the name of the resource and/or event filters applied to the view.


Favorite Display

This is the name of the favorite display the user is in.



If you position the mouse over the group icon, a tooltip is displayed containing the name of the group or groups the user belongs to on the planner.

An orange padlock shows that group permissions apply.



If the logged in user is the “admin” login or if the user is the planner administrator, the orange padlock is not shown. The permissions do not apply.


If you position the mouse over the user icon, a tooltip is displayed containing the list of logged in users.

You can access a more precise list of users logged into the planner by double-clicking on the logged in users icon.


This window contains the list of all logged in users and their characteristics.

In this window, it is possible to send an e-mail or create a VPWhatsUP discussion with a user from the list.

Pop up menu


Right-click on any element in the Main Window to display menus. These menus provide quick access to the actions permitted by this object.

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