Resource BluePrint View: display settings




The display settings are displayed automatically when a view is created.

There are several ways to access a view’s Display Settings:


  • Go to Global Settings > Click on Predefined views > Choose the view > Display settings, or

visual planning 8 view-display-settings
  • Go to Display > Click on Display Settings,
  • Click on thevisual planning ... button in the view header then on Display settings.

In all cases, a window appears.

blueprint display settings view

Now modify the settings and click on the OK button.

The window only has one tab: Resource BluePrint tab.

Resource BluePrint tab


Map heading

Choose the dimension’s Resource BluePrint heading.


Tooltip labels

Choose the headings that will be displayed in the tooltips when you mouse over the plan’s zones.


Color heading

Chose the entity that will serve to specify the color of the zones. This can be:


  • None: the color of each zone will be that specified in VPBluePrint,
  • The color of the dimension,
  • The colors of the calculated headings with thresholds.
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