Resources Input Editor: use


A Resources Editor is very easy to use.


Double-click on a resource

If a resource corresponds to a resource filter defined in an editor, and only corresponds to one filter, this resource editor will open when you double-click on this resource. Otherwise, the default editor will open.

If the resource corresponds to two or more filters defined in the editors, the default editor will open.


Right-click on a resource

When you Right-click > Modify on a resource or a selection of resources, the pop-up menu enables you to:

  • Open the corresponding editor if a single template matches it;
  • Choose the template if there are several matching templates.


Heading tooltips

If a description has been entered in one of the headings making up the editor, it will be displayed in the tooltip when the mouse is positioned on the heading title.


editor tooltip heading


You can print information from one or more resources using a resource editor template. Simply select the required resource(s) then right-click > Print > Preview or PDF as appropriate, and the following window opens.

editor print

At the bottom of the window you choose the appropriate editor in the Print according to editor field.

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