Tree mode


This characteristic only exists in Table mode.

As for the Schedule View, the Resources View displays the resources in the form of a tree.

To do this, go to Display menu > Rows block > Tree mode.

list tree mode

This mode therefore displays resources in the form of a tree:

resources view tree mode

The display of nodes makes it possible to group several resources which have the same value.

By default the number of levels in the tree is 2, when this mode is enabled.

You can increase or reduce the number of levels using the vp7_fr_bouton_plus_ou_moins buttons located at the bottom left of the view.

In the event of disabling and immediate re-enabling, the number of levels is memorized.

In the case of a numerical, control column or operation heading, the value of the node for this heading is:


  • Integer or decimal display format: the node is equal to the total of its resources’ values,
  • Percentage display format: the node is equal to the mean of its resources’ values.

Layout of a Resources view


The Resources view is laid out in the Main window like the other views.

Adding a resource

In the Resources view, you can add resources using the bouton ajouter button on the right corner of the view.

This button opens the default editor used to create a new resource.

Freezing a column

In Table mode, you can freeze or unfreeze the left or right columns using the vp7_fr_bouton_plus_ou_moins buttons on either side of the view. The frozen column(s) will be grayed in the view.


Freezing of the scroll bar

 In Table mode, it is possible to freeze or unfreeze the scrollbar using the button padlock button on the bottom side of the view.

Sorting resources


Like for the other views that have a table mode, you can sort the resources using the columns visible in this table mode.

It is possible to sort the resources in detail mode. To do so, Right click on the view > Pop-up menu > Column > Sort.

The sorting is done according to the selected heading.

By clicking on the same heading in the pop-up menu, the sorting order is reversed.

resources view sort

Printing a Resources view


Like the other views, you can print:


  • the Resources view itself,
  • the resources that make up the view.

Favorite display


As with the other views, a Diary view can be saved in a favorite display.

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