A Time Bar is the graphic representation of an event.


It can be used to show several characteristics of the event and/or its resources:


  • a text comprising one or more pieces of information,
  • one or more colors,
  • an achievement,
  • one or more icons,
  • a tooltip,
  • one or more child events.



The display of Time Bars can be configured in:





The Time Bar can be used in:

  • the Schedule View,
  • the Diary View,
  • the Gantt Events View.


  • Create,

  • Lengthen / Shorten,

  • Divide,

  • Shift,

  • Delete.

Cut the time bar in the Schedule and Gantt Events views

Check the “Display according to calendar” box in the Schedule and Gantt Events views to cut the events’ time bars:

  • according to the hourly resource calendars if the time scale is less than one day,
  • according to the daily resource calendars if the time scale is more than one day.

The events will then be displayed cut if they overlap non working periods.



When printing, the time bar characteristics are kept in the resulting print-out.

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