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The SEND SMS module is an additional functionality making it possible to send an SMS from VISUAL PLANNING to any type of telephone number that accepts the SMS format (national or international).

It consists of:

  • a configuration of the SMS sending server,
  • a configuration interface accessible from VISUAL PLANNING (configuration of the structure of SMSs and sending conditions),
  • triggering from the pop-up menu of VISUAL PLANNING events.



Technical prerequisites


This module requires:

  • an Internet connection,
  • registration with our partner ESENDEX.

In addition, the “MAIL to SMS” functionality (case 2 below) can be used to send SMS texts automatically via the Send Mail functionality. To use this functionality, you must first set up the SMTP server for the Send Mail module.


To use a different MAIL TO SMS service provider, please contact our technical department at

Functional prerequisites


This module requires a text heading containing the recipient’s phone number, or a concatenation of the phone number and the suffix making it possible to use Mail to SMS.

For optimum use, we recommend you use a Text or Multi-line Text form heading named VPSMS in order to store the sending date and the sender’s login, instead of the event note.



Only users identified as “administrators” have access to the module’s configuration.

A user is defined as a module administrator in the Admin Center, via the Modules menu > Right-click on the SMS module > Modify > Administrators.


The schedule “administrators” also have access to configuration of the SMS module.

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