Creating a BluePrint


Go to the Settings menu > Configuration pane, click on VPBluePrint.

The editing window opens.

Right-click on BluePrints > Create a BluePrint.

The corresponding part is then enabled:


Specify the characteristics of the BluePrint, then confirm by clicking on the OK button.

The following characteristics must be entered:



Give the BluePrint a name.



Give a description explaining the purpose of this BluePrint. This data is optional.



This represents the creation date and time and the most recent change to the BluePrint, together with the login of the user who performed these actions.

This property is updated automatically.


BluePrint file

This functionality is used to select the BluePrint type file using the bouton_points button.


Defining the zones

Click on the bouton-crayon button to define the BluePrint’s zones.

The following window opens:


  • Proceed as follows to define the zones:
    • Click on the bouton-plus button to add a zone.
    • Click once on the start of the zone to be defined in the BluePrint. A red line is displayed. Drag the line up to the junction of the BluePrint.

  • Click once to cut the zone and change direction. Do this as many times as necessary to define a complete zone.
  • To cancel an action, right-click. This cancels the last action.
  • To cancel all the zone definition actions, double-click.
  • Once you have defined the entire zone, double-click to save and name it. The following window appears:

  • Name: Give the zone a name.
  • Description: give the zone a description. This data is optional.
  • Color: associate a color with the zone.
  • To delete a zone, click on it then click on the vp7_fr_bouton_supprimer button.

Once you have configured all your zones, click OK.


Modifying a BluePrint


To modify an existing VPBluePrint context, go to the Settings menu > Configuration pane > VPBluePrint, then click on the BluePrint to modify.

The corresponding part is then enabled. Modify the settings (see Creating a BluePrint), then click on OK to save your changes.


Duplicating a BluePrint


To duplicate an existing VPBluePrint context, go to the Settings menu > Configuration pane > VPBluePrintthen right-click on the BluePrint to duplicate.

When duplicating the context, it is possible to duplicate the picture and the defined areas.

If the picture associated with the plan is changed and areas have already been set up, the following message appears :


Click on :

  • Yes to keep the previously defined areas,
  • No to delete the previously defined areas.


Deleting a BluePrint


To delete a VPBluePrint context, go to the Settings menu > Configuration pane > BPBluePrint, then right-click on the BluePrint to delete.

The following message appears:


Click on:


  • Yes to definitively delete the BluePrint,

  • No to cancel the deletion.

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