The VPPUBLIPOST mail merge module is used to generate one or more documents:

  • in WORD format (.DOC,.DOCX) if the template used is a Word document,
  • in PDF format if the template used is a Pentaho document,
  • in *.PRPT format if the PENTAHO application is used.

The documents are generated using one or more events. You can generate as many documents as there are selected events. You can also generate a single document for several selected events.


Using Word

In this case, the mail merge uses a WORD template and a database made up of fields (the information to be retrieved from VISUAL PLANNING).

In concrete terms the tool functions using the same principles as the Microsoft Word mail merge functionality:

With a document template in *.DOC or *.DOCX format, (this template must include the mail merge fields, see Configuration) as well as a data source: one or more VISUAL PLANNING events.


Using Pentaho

In this case, the mail merge is managed in a tool separate from VISUAL PLANNING – Pentaho Report Designer – but still using the fields present in VISUAL PLANNING.

The mail merge uses a PRPT template.



Technical prerequisites


The VPPUBLIPOST mail merge functionality was developed and validated for:

  • Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010. It requires a version of Microsoft WORD including VISUAL BASIC FOR APPLICATIONS (VBA),
  • PENTAHO REPORT DESIGNER version 5.4 maximum.


Functional pre-requisites


The VPPUBLIPOST mail merge functionality requires at least one VPPUBLIPOST template to be defined in VISUAL PLANNING.

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