Web calendars


The Web Calendars Module is an additional application used to distribute a list of events synchronously:

  • either for each resource: in the case of the individual diary,
  • or for a set of resources: in the case of a team diary.

The module makes available an URL giving access to a *.ICS file.

The standard used for *.ICS files is the ICalendar V2 standard.

It is now also possible to automatically synchronise Visual Planning events via ICAL in a personal Office365 and/or Google calendar.


To improve readability, from now on we will call the processed ICAL entities “Meetings”.


The Web Calendars module is an optional feature. If this option is not taken up, the corresponding menus will not be visible in VISUAL PLANNING.



The Web Calendars Module was developed and validated for ICAL, version 2 or later.



A license number is required in order to install this module.

To obtain a license number for the Web Calendars module, contact the sales department:

To install the module, go to the ADMIN CENTER > Modules > Right-click on ICAL > Save the license.

Follow the instructions.



The number of licenses you have acquired corresponds to the number of URLs you can use.

Example: if you have 10 ICAL licenses, the first 10 URLs used will take the 10 licenses.

To release a license, you have to restart the Visual Planning server. The inactive iCal URLs will be removed from the license.

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