Web calendars: use


Displaying the URL


To display the distribution URL, right-click on the publication > Display URL.

There are two possibilities, depending on whether or not the Schedule for each resource button is enabled:

  • one URL for all the resources,
  • one URL per resource.

In both cases, you can copy-paste the URL or URLs to distribute them to users.


Calendar subscription


Using Google Calendar and/or on Android


To view the calendar on an Android smartphone, you need to subscribe the iCal calendar to the calendar of an existing Google account. Your Android smartphone is supposed to be associated with a Google account.

  • Copy the URL (cf. Displaying the URL)
  • Go to the Google calendar (http://www.google.com/calendar)
  • On Other calendars at the bottom left of the main page, click on the “+” button then “From URL”
  • Paste the link and Add calendar.


On Android, there are calendar applications on the store that allow you to subscribe directly to an iCal URL.

On MacOS

  • Copy the URL (cf. Displaying the URL)
  • Go to Calendar,
  • Click on File > Subscribe to a calendar,
  • Paste the link then Subscribe.

On Windows

  • Copy the URL (cf. Displaying the URL)
  • On Outlook.com, go to the calendar,
  • Click on Import,
  • Click on Subscribe,
  • Paste the link then Subscribe.

On Outlook

  • Copy the URL (cf. Displaying the URL)
  • Click on File > Account Settings > Internet calendars,
  • Cliquer sur New,
  • Paste the link then Add.

On iOS (iPhone, iPad)

  • Copy the URL (cf. Displaying the URL)
  • Go toSettings > Passwords & Accounts,
  • Click on Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar,
  • Paste the link then Next.

Synchronising a calendar


You can automatically synchronise events from VISUAL PLANNING to your personal Office 365 and/or Google calendar.

To do this, you must first save the provider in the Admin Centre (see ICAL synchronisation Service).

To view the synchronisation URL, right-click on calendar > Synchronize External calendar.


A URL will appear. Copy and save this URL.

The user must then add this address to their calendar (see Calendar subscription above), then connect with their username/password in order for their login authorisation to be saved.

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