Events Report: use


Displaying an events report


Events Report View

An events report must be displayed in a dedicated view. It is not possible to see an events report without having created a display view.

Display Type

An events report may be displayed in the form of:

  • a table;

  • a histogram;

  • a stacked histogram;

  • sectors;

  • curves;

  • areas;

  • stacked areas.

Use of standard filters


Standard filter for resource lines


When configuring the Resource Filter section of an events report, you can save the current filter. This option allows you to use resource filters when the events report is displayed. Similarly, it will allow you to use automatic filters for the dimension concerned.

To trigger a resource filter, right click on the header of the events report and select the resource filter required.


Standard events filter


When configuring the Data to calculate of an events report, in the filter section, you can save the current filter. This option allow you to use events filters when the events report is displayed.

To trigger an events filter, right-click on the header of the events report and select the events filter required. The latter is also available via the filter tab on the menu bar.


Favorite display

You can save a favorite display, with includes a specific view of an events report.

To do this, first create an Events report view before saving it in a favorite display.

Exporting an events report


The most commonly-used method for using events report data in an external tool is to export the events report to an Excel or CSV file.

This export may also be launched via a URL called from outside VISUAL PLANNING.

Copy and Paste to a text editor


In an events report view, you can copy and paste the contents to a text editor or presentation.

To do so, click on the events report view > press Ctrl + C then click in the text editor and press Ctrl + V.

This works with various text editors and all display modes (table, histogram, etc.)


VPPORTAL display


You can display events reports in a Schedule context within VPPORTAL.

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