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Attachment type Heading: use




This type of heading is viewed like all the headings.

Attach a document or a page


In the resources properties window: Right-click on a resource > Modify or in the events properties window: Right-click on an event > Modify > Form tab

You view an attachment heading as below:


Click on the bouton-plus button to browse the directories in order to select a file, directory or URL to attach.

When attaching a file or directory, select Attach a file or Attach a directory to display the selection window.


Drag’n’drop a document on an event or a resource in order to attach it to the heading.

Drag’n’drop an e-mail from Microsoft Outlook directly on a resource in order to attach it to the heading.

In the case of a URL, you must select Attach a URL to display the URL entry window:


Start an attachment


Two requirements must be met to start the document or page:

  • The document must be accessible from the file manager of the computer that is starting it. For a web page, the Internet connection must be working.

  • The client workstation has an editor/software solution that reads the document type. (For example: a spreadsheet solution for *.CSV files)

Double-click on the corresponding row to start the attached file or web page.

You can also start the attachment directly from a table mode view:

  • Schedule View

  • Resources View

  • Events View

In this case, if several files are attached, a window opens to select the file to start.


If the server URL has changed, the URL of the files that have been downloaded is automatically modified by the new server’s URL.

Download an attachment


To download an attachment, select the corresponding row and click on the bouton_telecharger download button.


This option is only accessible if the attachment type is in “Download files”.

Remove an attachment


To remove an attachment, select the corresponding row and press the DEL key or click on the bouton-supprimer button.

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