Structure of Visual Planning

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Barcode heading type: use




This type of heading is viewed like all the headings:

In VISUAL PLANNING, you cannot view the result of a Barcode heading as a drawing other than in the windows for the properties of resources or events. The result is therefore usually viewed in the form of text only.

Entering a value


Depending on the type of barcode, the input of a value may require validation:

The EAN 8 and EAN 13 codes are verified whereas the 39 Code, 128 Code and QRCode are not.


EAN 8 code


EAN 13 code


EAN 39 code


QR Code


128 code


Incorrect input

If the code’s input is not consistent with what was expected, the barcode is displayed as follows:


Directly modifying values

In a Table view, you can directly modify the value of a heading by clicking once in the heading and then again to unlock it.

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