Structure of Visual Planning

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A comment can be used to share information about resources and/or events among users working on the same schedule.

When a comment is created, the users authorized to view messages in permission management will be able to participate in it.

The comment archives each user’s messages and therefore allows asynchronous communication.



Rights management

Visibility of the Comment tab for a user or a group can be managed in VISUAL PLANNING’s dimension permissions.

This is managed in the dimension’s modification rights:

  • A user or group who has the rights to edit the Comment will be able to interact with it,
  • A user or group who does not have the rights to edit the Comment will not see the tab and therefore will not be able to interact with it.

Enabling a Comment

To enable a comment, select the chosen dimension.

The corresponding pane is then enabled.

Enable the button:
  • Enable for events to enable comments in events in which the dimension is present,
  • Enable to enable comments in the resources of the dimension.

Disabling a Comment

To disable a comment, simply disable the corresponding button in the chosen dimension.




In a resource

When you are connected to the schedule, if a Comment is enabled and you have been granted the necessary rights, you can view the comment by editing a resource then clicking on the Comment tab (if using the default editor) or directly in the appropriate tab if using a custom editor.


The Comment is then displayed.

In an event

The comment can only be displayed in a custom editor. To add it to the editor, select “Event > Comments”.


Entering a text message

ou can enter an unrestricted text message from the comment. To do so, go to the input window, enter your text and validate by clicking on the Add button.


Deleting a text message

A message can be deleted from the Comment if this comment was created by the logged in user.

To do so, select the text to delete and click on the Delete button.

  • The deletion action is irreversible,
  • The admin can delete all the messages in the Comment.

Comment history

The Comment history is deleted when the resource is deleted.

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