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Creation rule: use


Creating an event


When creating an event, the following procedure is set up:

  1. Inclusion of event resources:
    • intersection’s resources. Those that enabled the drag’n’drop.
    • dependent resources of resource type headings.
  2. Application of the creation rules according to all the associated resources
  3. Verification that a hierarchy complies with the configuration of the event’s resources
  4. Possible verification of the constraints

The creation rules apply, characteristic by characteristic, according to the priorities of the resource creation rules.

Example 1 – Priorities between creation rules:


  • RC1: the creation rule with priority 1. This rule only defines:
    • the Hourly type,
    • a duration equal to 5 hours.
  • Default rule: the schedule’s default creation rule.
  • R1D1: resource 1 of dimension D1 which has the creation rule RC1.
  • R1D2: resource 1 of dimension D2 which has the creation rule RC2.

Dragging & dropping R1D2 on the R1D1 schedule prompts the creation of an event with the following properties:

  • Hourly type -> originates from RC1
  • Duration equal to 5 hours -> originates from RC1
  • Start time equal to 10 am -> originates from RC2
  • All the other characteristics -> originate from the Default creation rule


Type Duration Start time Other settings
Rule RC1 (Priority 1) Hourly 5 None None
Rule RC2 (Priority 2) Hourly 2 10 am None
Default Rule (with lowest priority) Default Default Default Default


Example 2 – Adding a resource when creating an event


  • Line 1: A resource from dimension D1,
  • Template-Icon 1: A resource from dimension D2,
  • Color 1: A resource from dimension D3,
  • RC: the creation rule that adds the Color 1 resource.

Creation rule RC is assigned to Template-Icon 1.

Creating an event by dragging & dropping Template-Icon 1 on Row 1 at a given date means that the event thus created will have:

  • Row 1
  • Template-Icon 1
  • and Color 1

Modifying an event


When modifying an event, in particular when assigning resources, the creation rules associated with the event are applied again.

Consequently, all the characteristics may be affected, particularly those that, depending on the dimension are:


  • valuations,

  • calendars,

  • event duration,

  • event load,

  • etc.

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