Structure of Visual Planning

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Viewing the list of a dimension’s resources


To view all the resources of a dimension, right-click on the name of the dimension > View all the resources.

show resources

The following window appears.

show all resources

Depending on your rights, you can then:


  • Search for a resource in the list,
  • Add a new resource,
  • Modify an existing resource by selecting it,
  • Delete a resource by selecting it.

Export all the resource of a dimension


You can export all the resources of a dimension to an XLS or CSV file. The entities exported will be the headings and settings of each resource (creation rule, calendars, Base64 icon and color in hexadecimal code).

To do so, right-click on the dimension > Export resources > Choose the format (CSV or XLS).

export resources

Select the directory in which to save the file. An export report is displayed upon completion.

export report

Converting a dimension into events


You can convert a dimension’s resources into events.


  • The dimension will subsequently disappear and all the resources will be transformed into events.
  • As a minimum, a date and a resource-type heading are required.

The following characteristics will also be taken into account:


  • If there ae several date-type headings, the first two headings, in alphabetical order, will be taken into account as the start and end dates,
  • The resource headings will be added as the event’s resources,
  • The dimension’s other headings will be placed in a form. The form will have the same name as the dimension.

Creating a view from dimension

It is possible to create views directly from the dimension’s setting tree.

To do this, right-click on the dimension > Create a view > choose the view type.

creating view

The following window opens:


Rename the view and click on OK. When validated, the window for editing the display settings of the view opens :


Modify the settings and validate.

Deleting a dimension’s events

You can delete the events of a dimension up until a given date.

To do this, 2 requirements must be met:

  • Access to the schedule must be blocked.
  • You must log in as the administrator or the administrator of the schedule on the VISUAL PLANNING client.

Next, on the VISUAL PLANNING client, go to the Settings menu > Dimensions > Select the dimension for which you must select the events of the resources. Right-click on the name of the dimension.


The following window opens:

Delete events before

Click on OK to validate.

delete event popup

Click on Yes to delete the events.

Once the events have been deleted, the following window is displayed. Click on Yes to also delete the resources in the dimension that no longer have any events. Click on No to not delete them.

delete event popup message

When deletion is completed, the following window is displayed:

delete resource
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