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Events hierarchy: use

Use of hierarchies is virtually transparent on the schedule.

This is a verification that is performed each time events are created, modified, repeated or imported.

A newly created event must be compatible with at least one existing hierarchy, otherwise it will not be created.

Since some dimensions may be mandatory, you may have to choose the missing resource from a list.

A window opens to choose the resource to be associated with the event. You can then use the existing filters and only display the resources available during the same period.

Creating an event


When an event is created, the hierarchy will be selected automatically according to the type of resource used. In a situation where no hierarchy can be selected automatically when an event is created, a window opens proposing the hierarchies available for creating this event:


Once you have selected the preferred hierarchy, the event is created.

When creating a level 2 event or higher (i.e. Creation of a child event), once the level 1 event has been created (parent), you then assign the child to the parent (dimensions classified as level 2) and so on. So a resource has been added to the level 1 event (parent).

Warning messages


  • No event created or modified. This message is displayed when a user attempts to create, modify or cancel an event, and this operation is not possible due to the definition of the hierarchy.
  • No hierarchy allows creation of events. This means that no hierarchy allows an event to be created using the selected resource(s). You must therefore review the configuration of the hierarchies.

Use in filters


Hierarchies can be used to filter events.

For this purpose, in “Event criterion”, select Hierarchy. The list of hierarchies that can be used as filtering criteria is then updated.



A hierarchy with a “To be Requested” criterion cannot be used in a filter.

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