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This type of heading is viewed like all the headings: see Heading.


Assigning a value to a resource

In the resource properties window, Right click on a resource > Modify

A Geolocation heading is displayed as below:


Simply fill in the fields according to the chosen configuration:

  • If it is Localization headings, you must fill in the fields defined in Localization headings
  • If the choice is to enter position coordinates, then they are entered directly in the “GeoLocation” field (this name corresponds to the heading name).

Visualization of the position

To view the position of the resource, you must click on the bouton-geoloc button to display it.

The following window appears:



In the window you can see the weather forecast for the current date and the next 3 days at this position.


Assigning/modifying/deleting a value in the localization headings

The headings intended for the localization of a resource must be created when you are the only one logged in on the schedule.

  • Modification of an existing value: modifying a value affects the resource and events that use this value. It is then replaced.
  • Deletion of an existing value: deleting a value affects all the resources and events that use this value. It is then permanently deleted.


It is possible to use geolocation type fields in a form to calculate distances in resource assignment.

Importing resources

When creating resources via an import, any geolocation headings are automatically calculated.


This involves an uncontrolled request to geolocation providers.

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