Structure of Visual Planning

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Global Settings

The Global Settings are the characteristics that make up the planning tool.

These elements enable you to structure a schedule architecture, in line with your needs.

These points must be dealt with in the initial configuration phase before the tool is put into production.

A simple need will only require a quick reading of this subject. However, a complex configuration will require more detailed study of these concepts.


The following entities are manipulated in the general settings:


Structural entities

  • Dimensions,
  • Headings,
  • Forms,
  • Calendars:
    • Daily Calendars,
    • Daily Templates,
    • Hourly Calendars,
    • Hourly Templates,
  • Valuation Items,
  • Types of Periods,
  • Event Creation Rules,
  • Event Hierarchies,
  • Workflows,
  • Time Periods.

Other Entities

  • Named Filters:
    • Event Filters,
    • Resource Filters,
  • Constraints:
    • Objective-related Constraints
    • Coherence-related Constraints,
    • Time Gap Constraints,
  • Predefined Views,
  • Favorite Displays,
  • Input Editors,
  • Import and Export Contexts,
  • Workloads,
  • Event Reports,
  • Resource assignment



There are two entry points into VISUAL PLANNING to manipulate the Global Settings.

Global Settings Pane

This window is opened via the Settings menu > Windows pane > Global Settings:


The pane then opens in a separate window:


This pane lists all the VISUAL PLANNING entities that can be configured, in the form of a tree.

If this vp7_en_symbole_plus symbol is absent, it means that no entity of this type has been created.

This pane’s arrangement in the screen is described in the section concerning layout of views.


This is a floating screen. If the user has a double screen they can leave this screen open without disrupting the schedule’s operation.

Menu Bar

The General Settings can also be configured using the Settings menu > Configuration pane:


As with the Global Settings pane, here too you can configure each entity separately.

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