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Numerical type of heading: use




This type of heading is viewed like all the headings:

Entering a value


In the window for resource properties, Right click on a resource > Modify

or in the events properties window, Right-click on an event > Modify > Form.

You view a Numerical heading as shown below (in the case of a decimal display):


Then you simply type in the chosen value.

Directly modifying values


In a Table view, you can directly modify the value of a heading by clicking once in the heading and then again to unlock it.

Use as Threshold


Numerical headings can be used as Thresholds in control columns and workloads.

Use by the Operation type of heading


Operation type headings can use numerical headings to perform their calculation.

Display of totals in a Resources View


In a Resources View, in table mode, you can display the totals of the numerical headings.

To do so, simply click the “Display totals” button in the window for editing the view display settings.

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