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Password heading: use



This type of heading is viewed like all the headings:

To preserve confidentiality, the content of this type of heading is viewed differently from the other headings.


Entering a value

In the resource properties window, Right-click on a resource > Modify.

When entering data, the Password heading is displayed like this:


Once the data has been validated, the Password heading is displayed like this:


The syntax rules that have been defined in the Admin Center are taken over and must be respected.

The options are :

  • Minimum number of characters;
  • At least one uppercase;
  • At least one special character;
  • At least one digit.


Note that the heading’s information is encrypted, and therefore cannot be displayed, filtered or decrypted

The only element that can be analyzed is whether or not data has been entered in the heading.

Directly modifying values


In a Table view, you can directly modify the value of a heading by clicking once in the heading and then again to unlock it.

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